Maui, HI (‘Ehiku: Ali’i Lavender Farm & Surfing Goat Dairy Farm)

Our last day in Maui, while less adventurous than the rest of our trip, served as a relaxing finale to the trip. We ended our trip with a bang (of flavor), dining at Star Noodle – Top Chef Season 10 finalist and fan favorite, Chef Sheldon Simeon’s Asian Fusion restaurant. The rest of the day was left to explore Kula’s culinary gems, Ali’i Lavender Farm and the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm. 

The dishes served at Chef Sheldon Simeon’s Star Noodle were the perfect pairing of Asian and Hawaiian flavors, served with a pinch of Maui love. The ramen’s incredible broth delivered a wave of flavor, and in addition to it’s depth and intricacy, felt very comforting and homey. Additionally, the Hawaiian-native blended rich, savory Asian flavors with fruit-forward sake cocktails, utilizing Maui’s wonderful selection of fresh fruit. My favorite menu picks – the Kim Chee Wings and Hapa Ramen…just trust me on this one.

We drove to Kula to the Ali’i Lavender Farm, nestled in the upcountry slopes of Haleakalā. We enjoyed a lavender scone with lavender honey on the Secret Garden porch and took in the smell, as they burned heaps of lavender (to dry) nearby. During our visit, an employee found and handed over a little chameleon friend from the bushes.

A short drive away was Surfing Goat Dairy. They host daily tours and we joined them for a goat cheese tasting, which included feeding and milking several of the goats (milking optional, of course). Make sure you stop in and take a look at their goat cheese truffles. We bought a cooler with ice packs (from them) and stashed them in our luggage – that’s how delicious the cheeses and truffles were!

Of all the things I have ever been sure of, this I can say – Maui, you are loved, you will be missed, and we will be back to see you soon! Happy reading!

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For more information about the Ali’i Lavender Farm or Surfing Goat Dairy.


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