Costa Rica (Day 6: Dolphin Super-pod Sighting)

We set out early this morning for some deep-sea fishing. We rented a charter for the day and cast some lines to go trolling for sailfish. Unfortunately, there were no fish (big or small) biting that morning or afternoon. Every now and then we would see an unsuspecting turtle floating in the water with a bird resting on its shell.

Much to our excitement, we came across a superpod of dolphins that afternoon. There were hundreds of what appeared to be Spinner Dolphins. They had a slender body with a long, dark snout, and naturally, they were leaping and spinning in the air. They seemed intrigued by our charter and a couple of them swam alongside our boat. It was an amazing experience to be out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and to see dolphins that free and spirited.

We returned home and began cleaning/prepping the Red Snapper I had caught the day before. Had it not been for its bright red color, we would have missed a tiny scorpion hiding in the paper towel roll. As you can see it’s smaller than a finger nail, so you can imagine our surprise when we found it. We shook all of our clothes, shoes, and towels from that point on. At the end of the day we enjoyed a fresh fish dinner with white rice, small salad, and avocado.

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Please enjoy a video of the dolphin superpod below:

(Trip continued on Day 7)

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